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A Little More (feat. Daisha McBride)

Rosemary Joaquin  re-released her coming-out anthem with rapper Daisha McBride (recognized by Thrillist, Genius, NPR and the Tennessean as an “artists to watch”). After being featured on Billboard Pride one year ago, the song had a resurgence due to TikTok buzz. This cinematic love story between two woman brought a new twist to a traditional premise, that challenges us to reconsider our preconceived ideas about relationships.

"Indie Nashville talent Rosemary Joaquin leaves her emotions bare on her “coming-out anthem,” a relatable pop ballad about finding oneself within the excitement of their first real love."
                              -Billboard Pride [February 2020 Queer Necessities] 



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Rosemary Joaquin, Washington D.C. native, moved to Nashville in 2018. Rosemary’s velvety low-pitched voice is similar to LÉON, Maggie Rodgers, and Dua Lipa. Rosemary is Waffle House’s 2019 Scattered, Smothered, and Discovered Artist of the Year. One of her latest singles, “A Little More,” was featured on Billboard Pride’s “Queer Necessities" in February 2020 and the track is still generating lots of buz on Tiktok. She is also playing Nashville pride in 2021. 



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